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LED Grow Lights for Horticulture

Since 2012 Genesis Scientific Ltd. has been a manufacturer of energy efficient horticultural lighting solutions for hydroponics and aeroponics that are based on latest LED lighting luminaires for plant grow. Our focus is on LED assimilation lighting in greenhouses, LED horticultural lighting, LED vertical farm lighting, at very competitive pricing because of our optimized hi-tech manufacturing.

We constantly improve our product range and efficiency, optimize production process and components pricing and lead times. We work only with world’s leading electronic component manufacturers for our LED grow light production. The company has representative offices in USA in California and Massachusetts and Texas.

A combination of LED wavelength and intensity our LED plant lights for greenhouses simulate electromagnetic emission spectrum optimal for photosynthesis of certain plants. For every type and development stage of plant we have developed a specific spectrum that takes into account daylight zone.

The results of research made on Indoor Grow Lights proved them to be highly efficient in growing vegetables and considerable economy of energy compared to traditional HPS grow lights for growing in greenhouses.

Purpose and Technological Features of LED Grow Lights for Horticulture

The primary task for LED grow lights is to guarantee optimal conditions for photosynthesis not only at the stage of propagation and vegetation, but also controlling the processes of organosynthesis in the whole vegetation cycle. In LED grow lights that were developed by our engineers this is achieved due to optimally selected LEDs with different wavelengths that emit PAR spectrum that takes into consideration photosynthesis details in different plants.

Genesis Scientific line-up of LED grow lights for commercial greenhouses and vertical farms:
led grow light for Vertical Farms
Rated Power: 42-63 W
PPF: 100 μmol/s
Low to Mid Power LED Grow Light for Multi-tier Shelf Lighting in Vertical Farms
Type of Cooling: Passive
led grow light for Vertical Farms
Rated Power: 320 W
PPF: 800 μmol/s
High Power Water Cooled LED Grow Light System for Vertical Farms
Type of Cooling: Water Cooled
Spectrum options:

• Full Spectrum;
• Propagation Spectrum;
• Vegetation Spectrum;
• Flowering Spectrum;
• Fruiting Spectrum

Advantages of LED Grow Lighting for Indoor Gardening from Genesis Scientific

LED grow lights from Genesis Scientific are the best luminaires of choice because of:

• Energy efficiency: up to 60% decrease of energy consumption in a greenhouse;
• Possibility to increase greenhouse area without additional energy generation facility;
• Increase in production and better uniformity of fruits;
• Little degradation of light output compared to traditional MH (Metal Halide) and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs, no need for replacing lamps every 2-3 years. Using LED grow lights from Genesis Scientific affords to increase maintenance interval more than 2 times;
• Low heat generation that allows to install LED grow lighting closer to plants, thus reducing light loss and energy consumption;
• Low shadow footprint;
• Possibility to select the type of grow lights with different variants of spectrum depending on application;
• High ingress protection;
• High quality and efficiency of LEDs;
• Only quality components from world leaders in LED grow light production for plant grow;
• Manufactures warranty for plant grow lights.

We are always open to discuss and meet customer needs based on project requirements. We offer only the best LED lights for growing from the manufacturer.

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