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    For today to feed world’s growing 7 billion population we need traditional farms that will occupy territories, equal to the territory of South America. The farmers of the future will probably need even more space to supply the world with food. This factor was the key idea of new agricultural approach, so called “agritecture”- construction of vertical farms that either rise up to the sky of go down deep underground. The key problem with indoor farming now is insufficient sunlight amount, especially in structures underground or deep inside vertical farms.

led grow lights

A quick growth of the plant and good harvest in greenhouse requires not only water and soil. A proper level of light is also very important. Very often growers make a serious mistake installing many HPS lamps and putting them close to the plants. HPS lamps emit a lot of heat. Moreover, the lamp located close to the plant can burn leafs. LED grow lighting is a one of the most promising types of supplemental lighting for greenhouses, so let’s look at this in more details as this lamps have a lot of advantages in comparison with other types of lamps and also because it is the new stage of development of horticultural lighting. A shortage of light is a serious issue in winter season, when daylight is short and when the sunlight is absent or is not enough for efficient growing. Vertical farms or - more widespread in Europe - vertical farm containers are good examples of such farms. But first things first.

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