New Groline LED Grow Light
We are proud to introduce our new development - The GroLine series LED grow light system. It is the result of many months of hard and productive work of our highly skilled engineers and creative designers. We combined only the best modern components to comply this hi-tech LED lamp with the latest technology.
The main purpose of this lamp is to substitute the sunlight when it is absent or to supply the sunlight when it is not enough for plants growing. Moreover the GroLine series LED grow light system can function as a single light source or serve as supplement or substitute to HPS lighting. The spectrum of GroLine series is ideal for all stages of leafy greens growing, strawberries, vine crops and others. The advantage of this lamp is that it also can be used both in hydroponic and in soil growing. The GroLine series LED is the best solution for growing vegetables and strawberries in vertical farms or in multi-level hydroponic installations. The system can be mounted onto standard T8 lamp spring steel clips. The GroLine series LED grow light system equipped with remote LED driver which can be installed and serviced in the easiest and comfortable way when it is needed.
The GroLine series based on LED technology and has one significant and most important advantage over the older technologies (HPS, CCFL, MH) - it saves your energy and you money! HPS, CCFL, MH based lamps waste energy on the spectrum in which the plants do not need. Our LED grow lights give the spectrum of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) - 440-460 (blue) and 660 (red) wavelengths.
Groline LED Grow Light
Another feature of our the new lamp is waterproof connectors. They are designed for a quick connection and you don’t need any special equipment to bind it. All you need is just to take the connectors and latch them. Really simple, isn’t it?
As you see, our new product has many advantages and can bring your business on a new level. Using the GroLine series LED grow light system you can increase the harvest and decrease cost of production (due to reduction of the electric power) and as a result you can suggest lower and more competitive price to the end customer.

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