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Warranty for all line LED Grow Lights products is 3 years.

On the moment we manufacture all our products according to UL and ETL safety standards based. However, since our products are customized to project requirements, we make a lot of modifications in process of project realization. Therefore we only have certificates for source materials, not for finished customized product.

Yes, by years of tests it is proven that LEDs can be used as the sole source for growing different plants. Now the best results are achieved on leafy green plants like lettuce, basil, mint, arugula. A lot of research is conducted and optimistic results are available for flowers and fruits, however it takes more research as we have here more plant development stages.

PPF/W is a measure of LED grow light efficiency, it is used instead of lm/W in general lighting.

- PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) is the lamps total emitted number of photons per second in the PAR region. Units of measure: µMol/S. In general lighting, lumen is used instead.

- PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) represents a field measurement and is defined as, the number of photons in the PAR region emitted per M 2 per Second. Units of measure: µMol/M2S. In general lighting, lux is used instead.

Depending on the model, our LED Grow Lights can reach efficiency up to 2,3 µMol/S per watt.

Our experiments showed that LED lighting does increase yield by 19-27% depending on the type of plant we are growing. We also get better quality vegetables with more intense flavor and less water content. What we found in our experiments with LED lighting of tomatoes, you get more uniform fruits, less percentage of too large or too small fruits.

Depending on the type of plant, type of fixture and hanging high we can calculate how many fixtures you need to grow your plants healthy. Please send us your project details and we will do necessary calculations for you.

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